Vehicle Recovery Chain

How to Safely Recover a Vehicle Using a Vehicle Recovery Chain

Are you in need of help recovering a vehicle? (You should probably call a professional recovery company rather then doing it yourself) but lets say you are a professional and you're just looking for a few tips, so you're in the right place.

A recovery using a chain sling is one of the most effective and safe methods that you can use (and it will fit nicely in your rigging box!). This guide will provide a step-by-step overview of how to safely perform a vehicle recovery using a set of chains, do consider however that every recovery is different and there for improvisations are often made based on the application, however the fundamentals usually remain the same.

Firstly, it is important that you begin by preparing your rigging. You'll need two or more chains and shackles (or soft shackles) as anchors. It is also beneficial to have an emergency winch, gloves, an appropriate tow rope, and safety glasses on hand for additional support.

Next, secure your recovery chains to the anchor points on the vehicle that needs to be recovered. Make sure that the tension in each of the chains is evened out before tightening them up with either the shackle or soft shackle that you have chosen for each end.

Once everything has been securely connected, take some time to check over all of your connections - this is an extremely important step as improper connection could lead to further accidents down the line. Then it’s just a matter of connecting up the tow rope and beginning your winching operation if necessary. Be sure not to exceed any recommended tension limits while doing this.

Finally, remember that when performing any type of vehicle recovery, there are always risks associated with such an endeavor. It is best practice to ensure that you have given adequate attention to safety precautions before beginning any kind of recovery operation - such as proper protective wear and equipment checks - so as not to put yourself at risk during the process.

By following this guide on how to safely perform a vehicle recovery using a Vehicle Recovery Chain, you should now be better prepared for successfully completing such an operation in future!