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Our wide range of Grade 100 Chain Slings are built-to-order right here in Houston, Texas in the USA, and shipped globally. You can count on us to provide the very best individually tested and uniquely numbered chain sling systems from renowned manufacturer William Hackett.

Grade 100 Heavy Duty Chain Slings

There are various types of chain slings available, including Adjustable, Single-Leg, Double-Leg, and Quad-Leg. The term ‘Legs’ means the number of chains hanging from the sling itself, so here’s a brief breakdown of what each type means and what they are designed to cater for. As the name suggests, a Single Leg means it only has one leg. These types of chains are more suitable for lighter weights and smaller items. When a single isn’t quiet enough or you have a load with two rigging points, a Double-Leg Sling can handle heavier loads, ensuring equal distribution of weight. 4-Leg Slings, also known as Quad-Leg, are capable of handling the heaviest of loads, up to 47,900lbs in fact, again, evenly distributing weight to ensure that your loads are lifted safely and properly balanced. All Hackett chain components have been proof tested to 2.5 times the stated Working Load Limit (WLL), and once assembled, again, proof tested to 2 times the WLL. All chain slings are manufactured in accordance with the required regulations. All orders ship out same day on your chosen service when you order before 10:30AM CST.
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