Keep Safe: Understanding Sling Tag Requirements

Keep Safe: Understanding Sling Tag Requirements

Lifting Slings are among the most commonly used rigging equipment in construction and industrial settings. However, these items are also potentially dangerous if not properly inspected, tested and tagged, which is why it’s essential to ensure that each sling has a valid I.D. tag attached indicating all the necessary information for safe operation. In this blog post, we will explore what information must be included on a chain sling tag, as well as providing tips for safely using them. Read on to learn more about how you can stay safe when using chain slings!

What Information Must Be Included on a Lifting Sling Tag?

A sling tag is a steel or plastic tag (ours are steel!) attached to a sling that includes important information about the item of rigging. This includes details such as the grade of material, type of sling and diameter of chain, the working load limit (WLL) rating or rated capacity in pounds or tons, length in ft., maximum angle of lift, and an individual identification number (essential for traceability).

Additionally, warnings or special instructions may be included on the tag to ensure safe use. The date of manufacture and manufacturing company’s name should also be present on the tag. A valid sling should be accompanied by its original test certificate or most recent test/inspection certificate/report which should be re-validated every 6 months through a thorough inspection of the sling assembly by a certified professional.

In conclusion, it is essential to make sure that all slings are equipped with valid tags indicating all necessary information for safe operation and ASME compliance. By ensuring that each tag has the latest and most up-to-date certificate available to the rigger and the company operating it, so everyone can be sure they are fully compliant and not at risk from using a defective item.

What do SlingSmarter tags include? 

So here's the best part- each one of our Chain Slings are fully load tested before shipping and are fitted with a steel tag that meets all of the above criteria for rigging use in the USA. You can be confident when buying from SlingSmarter