Why Choose Grade 100 Chain from SlingSmarter™?

Why Choose Grade 100 Chain from SlingSmarter™?

Making the wrong decision is easy when you have so many poor quality imports and un-tested products, but making the right decision is even easier, and in this article, we'll show you just how great our Grade 100 Chain Systems really are! 

Grade 80 and Grade 100 Chains and Components host one main difference and that's capacity:size ratio. What this means is that when you select a higher grade chain (G100) you'll be able to lift more with the same sized equivalent G80 chain. Example: take a 1/2" Grade 80 two leg chain- it lifts 17,00lbs, whilst a 1/2" Grade 100 two leg chain lifts 21,200lbs -almost a 25% increase! The massive benefit provides a 25% weight reduction meaning that riggers are less challenged when setting up and transporting larger chain slings and repetitive fatigue is reduced since the repetitive load is now lighter.

Why Choose Grade 100 Chain Slings from SlingSmarter™?

  1. Safety
    Our #1 goal when it comes to selling any item of rigging is #SafetyFirst, and that's why every William Hackett Grade 100 Chain assembly is fully tested and certified to 2 X the WLL (Working Load Limit) of each leg, this ensures absolute peace-of-mind and full assurance that every single item functions as it should do under load before being taken out in to the field. Grade 100 chains in particular offer a 25% increased level of safety when using the same diameter equivalent Grade 80 chain, this can be a huge advantage for operators who are a little 'less considerate' shall we say!

  2. Quality
    Our William Hackett Chain Systems are designed for everyday use, and this demands a robust construction and a heavy-duty design to cater for the desired industrial operation. In addition to our detailed & proven assembly process, you can be sure that our slings are manufactured with the very highest quality components and chain which is all proof tested as an assembly prior to shipping, each chain is tagged with a steel tag containing a unique serial number and specific working load limits for easy use out in the field.

  3. Speed
    Our 'Ships-Today Promise' ensures you get what you need on time, order before 10:30AM CST and we'll ship your sling TODAY, if for some reason (like an act of God?) we are unable to keep our promise, we'll give you a $50 off coupon for your next order- we're that confident.

  4. Value
    Budget friendly slings are great, until they degrade early, damage easily or worse- break and often turn out to be unproven. The overall consideration should be based on dollar for dollar value. William Hackett G100 systems provide an absolute bang for your buck! The high quality components and quality assurance program combined with complete access to replacement parts and accessories 24/7 365 makes buying our Grade 100 Chain Slings the Smarter choice.